Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Sexy Sailor Girl

This Thursday- I get to draw Star Wars at the Drawing Club. My little fangirl heart goes pitter patter, pitter patter. Oh me, oh my!

I didn't go last week to the Drawing Club- busy at the LA Comic Book Pro group. Which is pretty awesome, a great chance to meet and marvel at other peoples stuff and to sit around with a dumb smile on my face.

So we go back and and see the last of my favorite Sailor Pinup model ever, Marissa Gomez
Yet More of the Sailor Girl!
Here's the last of my pinup stash:


Stigall said...

I absolutely love this series of sketches. Beautiful work!

David Cousens said...

Hi Chrissy, just been looking through your blog, there are some nice sketches here! You should start colouring some of your sketches, they'd look really nice worked up a bit :)

Keep up the good work,