Monday, March 3, 2008

The Mad Duke

So Dispel. Once upon a two months ago, I was working a pitch. It is now backburner for other exciting carrots.

But I still love the Mad Duke. This here is the Mad Duke complete with awesome moose antlers. His hobbies are hunting and horticulture and being mad.

And the deer in headlights sketch

Other Dispel stuffs
Dispel page 1 pencils
Made up action page 1
Made up action page 2


JezzaCat said...

Since that is now on the backburner, will we get to see all that you did for the pitch? Or are you hoping to use it for a future story?

Chrissy Delk said...

I actually never finished the pitch, so there's not a lot to show off even I wanted to. I was still hemming and hawing about the overall story and the pages for the pitch are somwhere between roughs and pencils.
I haven't decided what to do with it at this point. There's a scene I desperately need to draw and a few I really want to. It needs a retool either way.

angi said...

love love LOVE LOVE LOVE!<3