Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seinfeld Avatar Storyboard Animatic

Time to upload some stuff before it becomes too old.
This is from Jay Olivia's Storyboarding Class at Concept Design Academy. It's about a year old now. The assignment was to take this dialog from Seinfeld and draw the Avatar the Last Airbender characters acting the scene out. Gurren Lagann was my own personal add.

Done in pencil and crudely animatic timed in Storyboard Pro.
Oh man. It was really hard to avoid editing this thing while putting it together. Some of the weaknesses become really apparent in animatic form. I may have had to make some cuts in order to get the timing closer.

Gah, I've learned so much! MOVING ON!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Drapery Class

I can't post much these days. Busy working at WB as a storyboard revisionist and well, can't post much.
I am taking a drapery class. Most are just fold studies, but occasionally something comes out that looks like a drawing. Here's the winners of the first half of the class.