Friday, April 10, 2009

Two-Face Day 2 and Explanation

Me and Two-Face. We've got a lot in common right now. Both of us have an issue with half of face and half our expressions. We both hate the mob. We both have a legitimate fear of bed sheets scratching our eyes. Smiling at puppies and children may get us strange stares or at least polite averting of eyes.

Now there are differences. I've got bell's palsy, which will go away in a while and just leaves half my face immobile. Two-Face's left, my right. Two-Face is half permanently angry, I'm half permanently confused. Two-Face's looks like it might hurt, I only feel a bit tired. I still have all eyelids and can blink in both eyes. Two-Face is permanently disfigured and hideous, and I'm still cute. Also to date, I'm still not a supervillan, I don't have hired thugs renamed with my theme and I have unfortunately not met Batman.

But I now can make awesome Two-Face expressions and to celebrate my new found split face, I'm going to draw a Two-Face for every day I have a distinct expression difference split down the middle.

How long? How long will that be? To quote my doc, I dunno. Eventually I'll get better. Till then, let us enjoy a bunch of Two-Face sketches.

Today's Two-Face is brought to you by my very dear Batman: The Animated Series in it's Bruce Timm glory. I love B:TAS! I still love you!

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Pirate Trish said...

Wow my mom had that and it does eventually go away. For my mom it was one minute it was there the next - look my whole face moves! Hope it comes back soon!